Photo: Carola Schmidt
Photo: Carola Schmidt
Photo: Carola Schmidt, neck piece: Samuel Acebey
Photo: Carola Schmidt, neck piece: Samuel Acebey

Hide Me from Day's Garish EyeEfrat AlonyHändel – Fast Forward00:06:59

Alla salma infedel proga la penaEfrat AlonyHändel – Fast Forward00:08:21

Come to Me Soothing SleepEfrat AlonyHändel – Fast Forward00:06:16

Convey Me to Some Peaceful ShoreEfrat AlonyHändel – Fast Forward00:04:28


I was invited as a guest to

NDR "Klassik á la carte" - 27.4.18.

We dove into interesting political themes.

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Händel Fast Forward

Like clay in the hands of a master, Alony’s Handel dares to fast forward – to here and now. 
Alony wears Handel's music inside out and upside down, dresses it in gripping fantasy and intensity. Re-shaped, re-formed, full of contrasts and passion, transported to a fascinating  contemporary musical landscape- Handel shines just as strongly as Alony’s marvellous performance.

Alony’s passion for Handel’s music is unmistakable. The inspiration she draws is profoundly audible;  with every stroke of her masterful vocal brush, with every unexpected harmony, that wraps- and at times even rattles Handel's wonderful and trusted melodies. Her interpretation of his music is marvellous and distinct.  

Extremely unique, unheard of.   

»And let some strange mysterious dream, wave at his wings in airy stream…«

Georg Friedrich Händel

George Frideric Handel

Handel's Airs from Operas such as "Theodora", "Lucrezia", "Ottone" , "Alexander Balus" or "Saul" are a magical vessel through which the wonders of Alony's fabulous instrument unfold.

A strong, soulful voice, its wast depth, almost haunts you. A marvellous shape-shifting being, that slips in and out of different characters and emotions. Like a magician who knows too well the exact amounts of each ingredient in order to create the perfect potion, she allures us to unexpected, unknown avenues, and we - the listeners- follow blindly-  we’re allowed a peak into the mystery, its most powerful and most frail moments.  


"Händel’s melodies are pure and soulful, unpretentious. Their clarity will never misguide you- they aim straight for 'TRUTH' " Alony says. "The search for 'Truth' has been fascinating me my entire career. Peeling off the layers of 'almost truths' or even 'un-truths' and reaching tangible honesty" 

Why Handel? - Why Not???
Improvisation, variation  and exploration were at the core of baroque music. The performances were constantly revised and reshaped, they lived in the moment, just like Jazz does.

"If Händel lived today he would probably write pop songs or score breathtaking film music. He would be inventive, daring, explore new musical paths and would break his own rules.  He would try to connect." Alony says. 


Accompanied by a strong Trio, set from crème de la crème of the contemporary german jazz scene: Achim Kaufmann (piano), Henning Sieverts (bass) and Heinrich Koebberling (drums). The Story-telling skills and inquiring musical mind of each of the musicians unfold – together they undertake a fantastical Journey, through unexpected hidden doorways to Handel’s world.  

»…Then as I wake, sweet music breathe,
Above, about, or underneath.«

Whatever Händel would do today, he would smile – or be enraged – but he could certainly not stay indifferent to Alony’s magnificent, daring interpretation.  

Efrat Alony – voc, arrangements 

Achim Kaufmann – piano 

Henning Sieverts – bass 

Heinrich Köbberling – drums 

Efrat Alony

Efrat Alony

Photo: Carola Schmidt

Efrat Alony

Trying to put Efrat Alony’s music in a box is a task destined to fail. Every musical compartment would simply be too small. Her ability to compose and sing in- between the musical genres, in a her exceptional unique style, is what makes her stand out and shine. 

"Untamable. The Israeli singer Efrat Alony bewilders with her voice, beauty and intellect. (…) Her timbre seduces us - to unstintingly listen." Tom R. Schulz , "Die Zeit" 


"I'm not sure that there is a category for what Alony does. I'm not sure that there should be. Call it music." Doug Ramsey, "Artsjournal" 


"….The music hits you with full force. Efrat Alony, with her dazzling versatile singing, enriches scat singing with sighs and lamentations and shows that Hebrew can both comfort and glow, like a candle…" Josef Engels, "Berliner Morgenpost" 


"Her voice is a lusty cross between Joni Mitchell's folk wisdom and Amy Winehouse's rolling purr. Alony's voice is highly trained, but what's most fascinating is her original music and lyrics. The style isn't quite jazz but something new and cutting edge... While I confess you may need to recalibrate your sensibility a bit to fully appreciate what Alony is doing, the journey is well worth it." Marc Meyers, 


"…Efrat Alony completely is at home in her music.  She commands her extraordinarily cultured alto voice with confidence… she sends shivers down your spine. …Alony treads exciting new paths. Her daring experiments are both refreshing and intense. The compositions – at times peaceful, at times stormy – are even more vivacious in a live performance than on her wonderful debut album merry-go-round"… 

Birgit Nüchterlein, "Nürnberger Nachrichten" 


"I love challenges“ she explains, "I enjoy trying to find a boundery, where one thinks one can`t push it any further, and then- do just that- try to jump over it. Every time anew, I’m startled, as to how flexible our minds, our ears, our abilities as performers and our ever changing perception of music really is" 

Born in Haifa, Israel, as a daughter of Jewish Iraqi new comers, singer Efrat Alony studied composition, arranging, jazz singing and classical singing in Israel, Germany and the U.S. Efrat was a featured as a soloist with many Big-Bands such as the Sunday Night Orchestra (CD “Overcast”, 2008), the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), the Radio Big Band Frankfurt, the Zurich Jazz Orchestra as well as the Ed Partyka Jazz Orchestra ( CD „Songs for love lost“, 2011)  

Efrat has worked as a musical director and vocal coach for various theater productions, such with the renowned American director Robert Wilson. In 2006 she was awarded the Jazz Performance Prize of the Karl Hofer Society and the Jazz Institute Berlin. in 2008 and in 2010 she received the City of Berlin Jazz Award. In 2009 Alony recieved the „Nürnberg Nachrichten International Jazz award“ and in 2010 she was nominated for the BMW world Jazz award. In 2014 Efrat recieved the "german music author's prize"of the GEMA for Jazz composition.   

Since 2009 Efrat Alony is a Professor for Jazz Singing at the HKB College of the arts in Bern, Switzerland.  

Achim Kaufmann

Achim Kaufmann

Photo: Milad Ahmadvand

Achim Kaufmann

"For many years, Achim Kaufmann has been one of the most inspiring and exciting personalities of the European jazz and improvisation scene. His music bears witness to great harmonic subtlety and structural depth. A brilliant pianist and composer, his reflected exploration of tradition has led him to a nuanced, contemporary sound language that encompasses poetry, energy and abstraction in equal measure"   

Julia Neupert, SWR Radio  

Henning Sieverts

Henning Sieverts

Photo: Milad Ahmadvand

Henning Sieverts

Born 1966 in berlin, bassist, cellist and composer Henning Sieverts has recorded over 100 CDs, was awarded estemed preises such as the „Jazz-Preis der International Society of Bassists" (1991), der "Bayerische Staatspreis" (2004), der "Neue Deutsche Jazzpreis 2009 " or "ECHO Jazz 2010" mit seine CD „Blackbird“.  

“A brilliant bassist and cellist who is at home with the demands of new music as well as jazz.” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

 „Filling rigorous concepts with life and fun: that is the art of Henning Sieverts, turning good music into great music.“ (Concertino)  

 “A virtuoso with inventive genius and unconcealed passion!” (Abendzeitung)

Heinrich Köbberling

Heinrich Köbberling

Photo: Milad Ahmadvand

Heinrich Köbberling

Born 1967 in Bad Arolsen/Hessen, Koebberling studied Musik at the HMT, Hamburg, Germany and at "The New School" in New York. Köbberling is a long-standing recording artist of the acclaimed ECM Label, featured among otheres by the "Julia Huelsmann Trio" 

In addition to his recordings as a Band-leader ("Pisces" 1997; "8 Doogymoto" 2003 and "Sonnenschirm" 2009) He has recorded more the 80 CD’s as a sideman. 

He recorded and played among others with musicians such as: Ernie Watts, Theo Bleckman, Aki Takase, Richie Beirach, Jan Delay, Benny Bailey, Herb Geller, Ben Monder, Marc Johnson, Rudi Mahall and Alex v. Schlippenbach.  

Since 2007 he is a Professor for jazz drums at the HMT Leipzig. 


12.9.16, Berlin 

Gallery Nemtsov & Nemtsov 

21.9.17, Berlin 


23.9.17, Uster, CH 

Zum Hut 

24.9.17, Winterthur, CH 


25.9. - 27.9.17, Winterthur, CH 

CD recording- Co-production with the Swiss Radio SRF, Hardstudios 

26.1.18, Berlin 


28.1.18, Nuremberg 

DB Museum 

17.5.18, Berlin 


1.6.18, Chur, CH 

Luca Sisera's Dear Haven featuring 

Efrat Alony, Rea Dubach Yum Ito, Rahel Kraft, Lisette Spinnler, Saadet Türköz und Isa Wiss 

19.6.18, Berlin 


Judy Niemack, voc, Efrat Alony, voc, Cymin Samawatie, voc, Niko Meinhold,( p), Fabian Timm (b), Peter Gall, (d) 

31.8.18, Chur, CH 

Luca Sisera's Dear Haven featuring 

Efrat Alony, Rea Dubach Yum Ito, Rahel Kraft, Lisette Spinnler, Saadet Türköz und Isa Wiss 

20.10.18- Stolpe, DEAbendmusiken in der Dorfkirche

Subsystem featuring Efrat Alony

21.10.18- Buckow, DEFeldstein und Musik

Subsystem featuring Efrat Alony

3.12.18-Jazzclub Heidelberg, DE 

Subsystem featuring Efrat Alony

17.2.19, Frankfurt am Main

NAXOS Hallenkonzerte

8.3.19, Basel, CH

Bird's Eye

Martin Streule Jazz Orchestra featuring Efrat Alony

9.3.19, Basel, CH 

Bird's Eye 

Martin Streule Jazz Orchestra featuring Efrat Alony 

9.5.19, Berlin


10.5.19, Munich 

Kallmann- Museum, Ismaning 

30.8.19, Chur, CH

Luca Sisera's Dear Haven featuring

Efrat Alony, Rea Dubach Yum Ito, Rahel Kraft, Lisette Spinnler, Saadet Türköz und Isa Wiss


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